• We export all across Africa<br/>We will find the best Electrical Solution for your needs
  • Electrahertz Electrical Supplies
  • Electrical Distribution in <br />Industrial and Professional buildings
  • Energy and Automation Equipment
  • Step Relays, Light dependent Relays and other products for residential and commercial electrical applications
Electrical Supplies

Electrical Supplies

Electrahertz is a leading South African diversified electrical supply company which brings some of the world’s best electrical products and electrical solutions to Africa.

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 Electrical Equipment Manufacturing


Electrahertz specialises in the Manufacturing of standard and purpose built motor control panels and distribution boards

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Electrical Export


Electrahertz, one of the largest electrical wholesalers / distributors in South Africa, is able to handle major electrical supply & turnkey solutions all across Africa

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Electrahertz Electrical Supplies

We offers a vast range of products, sourced both nationally and internationally, in an effort to ensure continued provision of up-to-date, state of the art, quality, safe products, all of which comply fully with recognised national and international safety and performance standards, at competitive pricing, including a service of undertaking Electrical Power Analysing.

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