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Electrahertz specialises in the Manufacturing of standard and purpose built motor control panels and distribution boards. Being an independent company, we are not product specific. We however have partnerships with the major electrical product manufacturers and can therefore integrate the most efficient solutions to meet our client’s specifications and/or requirements. These partnerships allow us to conform to IEC 60/61439 and SANS 1973.

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  • Sabelco Motor Control Centres, fixed, semi and fully withdrawable
  • ATI – Eldon enclosures and Elsteel Motor Control and Distribution Systems
  • ABB – ArTu Distribution Systems and IS2 Enclosures for Automation, Control and operation panel boards
  • Prisma Distribution Panels
  • Client specific control panels
  • Automation control panels
  • PLC and marshalling panels
  • Control desks
  • Junction boxes
  • Field isolators
  • Generator changeover panels
  • Delta PLC system integration
  • Power Factor panels (Analysing, designing and commissioning)

We also have vast designing experience in Mast lighting control and crushing plants.

For any enquiries regarding the designing or supplying of electrical assemblies, please contact any of the following persons on +27 12 804 0120, Nico Prinsloo, Lionel Dameme, Rudy Janssens.

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